Your to-do list after hair transplant surgery


Maybe you have already gone through it or you are still ahead of the -probably life changing- hair transplant surgery, and obviously most of the job is done by the hair surgeon and the team you decided to place every confidence in, achieving thebest desired results without any difficulties requires some time and effort from [...]

6 Female Hair Tips That Are Great for Men

Sean Molin via Compfight average, men spend far less time seeking and following hair care advice than women. As a result, these informational articles and books have been aimed more exclusively at women. However, we forget that many of these hair beauty tips are just as important and beneficial for men. You men may scoff [...]

Simple Tips For Looking Lustrous With Your Mane

One of the most noticeable physical features, our hair can be at times our best quality. Whether it’s thick and glossy or thin and silky, well kept and good looking hair is the crowning glory for many people. Nonetheless, hair needs to be looked after and maintained in order to keep that glossy, lustrous look. [...]

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Photo credit: Jacob Bøtter  Understanding how to make your hair grow faster means getting the length, fullness and shine you want naturally. For thousands of years, people have been trying to understand the secret of how to make hair grow faster, but the truth is that your hair reacts to what you consume, just like the [...]

Movember – How Facial Hair Saves Lives


        What is Movember? It is a term that by now, probably everyone has seen or heard. The “Mo” part is essentially slang for the word moustache. Not surprisingly, the remaining part of the term stands for November. In a nutshell, Movember is a charity that began in 2003 that raises awareness [...]

Psychological Benefits Of Hair Additions

Hair loss can affect many people. Both men and women can deal with this issue due either to age or to a medical condition or treatment. Regardless of the reason a person is suffering from hair loss, the fact is hair loss can have a negative psychological effect any person. 50 Insane Facts About Hair [...]

Simple ways to speed up your hair growth rate

For many people, both men and women, a healthy and vibrant head of hair can be the be all and end all of their natural grooming and beauty regimes. Every single day, men and women from all corners of the earth hand over their hard earned money in exchange for, haircuts, styling products, hair dyes, [...]

Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer Review

Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer

  Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer is a product from Lifes2goodthat promises a quick, simple and effective approach to cover-up your thinning hair. The concealer is made of fibers that immediately bind to the thinning hair using an electrostatic charge, so the hair becomes thicker – covering the bald areas. It’s most effective on bald spots [...]